Cabin Fee Act (CFA) or CUFFA?

The Cabin Fee Act (CFA) is once again working its way through Congress with bipartisan support and little controversy.  However, with a crowded election year schedule in Congress, the CFA needs some grassroots support and enthusiasm from cabin owners in order to gain enough momentum to become law.  CFA must pass this year, or we may be stuck with the old CUFFA rules and much higher fees for many years to come! Please email or phone the offices of both Senator Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, asking them to encourage Jeff Bingaman (Dem., New Mexico) to move the Cabin Fee Act out of committee and onto the Senate floor.  Bingaman is Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Energy and Natural Resources (ENR).  Follow this link for information on how to contact Senators Feinstein and Boxer.

Please read the attached CFA Status Report for more information about the current CFA situation.  Thank you for your continuing support of the efforts to implement the Cabin Fee Act.