Cabin Data

This section contains information about individual cabins, owners, and cabin history.

  • Names by Cabin Number -- The current list of owner/user names and contact information is sorted in cabin number sequence. The column called "User" refers to different users of a cabin. If two people have the same Cabin Number and User Number, they are probably spouses or significant others.

  • Cabin Lot Types -- The Big Bear Tract primarily consists of three lot types. For appraisal purposes, the Forest Service treats all lots of the same lot type as equals. For each of the three lot types, one "typical lot" is selected and appraised. The appraised value for the typical lot is assigned to all of the lots of that lot type. Consequently, it is important to know on what lot type your cabin is located. The Cabin Lot Type List shows each Cabin Number in the Southwest Shore and its Lot Type.

  • Cabin History --The Cabin History data is largely incomplete at this point. More information will be added over time, drawing from the histories and photos that were submitted for the Centennial Album, as well as from historical photos and stories submitted by current cabin owners. If you have stories and photos you would like to share, please submit a comment below. We will contact you about getting your materials.