Emergency Services

Emergency Services Refrigerator Magnet --  DO NOT USE - OBSOLETE!

Emergency Services Refrigerator Magnet -- DO NOT USE - OBSOLETE!

  • "911" Procedure (see below)
  • Big Bear Sheriff's Station (909-866-0100)
  • Big Bear Lake Fire Department (non-emergency)
    909-866-7566 ext. 7
  • Big Bear City Fire Department (non-emergency)
  • Big Bear Lake Patrol (909-866-5796)

Emergency Services Maps

NEW PROCEDURES COMING SOON!! ============================

Additional Information

In Case of Emergency, call "911"

  • Call “911” – landline or cell;
  • Give your location (Cabin # and “Street”)
  • State the nature of the emergency
  • Give two grid numbers:
    – Big Bear LAKE Grid #135
    – Big Bear CITY Grid #104

All cabin landline callers should be automatically linked to the appropriate emergency map showing location and access road. All “cell callers” should identify themselves by their Cabin Number and “Street Name” (e.g., #32 Keystone Road, #85 Spring Road, etc.).

Callers should indicate they are in “Big Bear Lake Grid #135″ and “Big Bear City Grid #104″. The Big Bear Lake Fire Department (BBLFD) is the primary fire responder, and the Big Bear City Fire Department (BBCFD) is the location from which ambulances are dispatched, thus the two separate grid numbers.

Note: If there is no “street” commonly associated with your cabin number then the two grid numbers are especially critical.

Got questions, comments, suggestions, or other information related to Fire Safety and Emergency Services within the Southwest Shore Colony?  Please contact Gary Stahl (Cabin 60) via email or using our Contact Form. Gary has extensive knowledge and good contacts with the local fire officials and emergency services personnel in Big Bear.

Emergency Services Maps

Big Bear emergency service personnel worked with Gary Stahl (Cabin 60) to prepare special color-coded maps showing the location of each cabin and the appropriate access road for emergency vehicles. For those with landline cabin phones, these maps are linked to the “911” emergency service to quickly dispatch emergency vehicles to the correct access road and cabin location.

For mapping purposes, the Southwest Shore Colony was divided into two separate regions, as shown below.

Take a look to find your location and access road.

Each cabin should have its cabin number prominently displayed in reflective numerals at least 3″ tall. According to Gary Stahl, 4″ black/gray reflective numbers are available at Butcher’s Block in Big Bear Lake. The black/gray numbers are not at all visible in daylight, but they reflect clearly in headlights or flashlights, so locate them where they can be easily illuminated from the nearest road access point at night. You should also continue to post the standard green/white address numbers, which are more visible in daylight.