Dead Tree Removal

Here is the list of dead/near dead trees in the Southwest Shore, which Dick Fisher recently submitted to the Forest Service for review and possible marking:

  • West end closest to Dam – 
  • Two sugar pines west of Cabin 69 – located just above the highway, near the base of the road that serves the Damkeeper’s House
  • Tree at Cabin 382, which is one of the western-most cabins, just southeast of the Damkeeper’s House (owner reports that it was marked several years ago, but not taken down at that time)
  • Don Carlos Road (first group gate east of the Dam):   
  • Three or four pines downhill (east) of Cabin 63, which is the second most northerly of the Don Carlos cabins, overlooking the Island
  • Approx. 1/4 mile further east on Highway 18, below highway: 
  • Dead pine just west of Cabin 77 (has short steep driveway connecting to the highway, and also a nearby highway turnout just west of the driveway)
  • Keystone Point Road Area:
  • As you head down Keystone Point Road, Cabin 39 is the first one uphill on the right – the tree is located between it and Keystone Point Road; also long-dead tall tree downhill of Keystone Point Road at about that same point, above Cabin 41 on Spring Road mentioned below, but much closer to Keystone Point Road than Spring Road
  • Tall pine at the rear of Cabin 18 along Keystone Point Road, second cabin west of the turnaround 
  • Group of three or four pines just east of the Keystone Point turnaround, adjacent to Cabin 15 
  • Continuing southeasterly on the same unpaved road running past Cabin 15, to Cabin 9, which is lakefront and the first cabin past the willows – two trees, one close to Cabin 9 and the other uphill (west) maybe 100 feet behind Cabin 9
  • Continuing on that same lakefront road running in front of Cabin 9 southward along the lake to its terminus near Cabins 5 and 6 – dead tree in the area of Cabin 5
  • Returning Northward to Keystone Point. Road, and onto Spring Road (gated) heading west:
  • Two or three trees within the rare-plant fenced area adjacent to the Spring Road gate
  • Heading west on Spring Road, tree directly behind Cabin 41, which is second cabin west of the gate on left side of road, (cabin number may not be visible); also smaller dead fir west of Cabin 41, and large dead fir uphill of Cabin 41 but closer to Keystone Point Road (see mention above in Keystone Point Road section) 
  • Heading further west on Spring Road, continue as it turns sharply north, when you will see Cabin 56 straight out on the point; park at 56 and walk due west uphill passing the front (lake side) of Cabin 55 – see white fir just northwest of Cabin 55
  • Proceeding on to the far west end of Spring Road, at Kidd Cove – medium size pine, and also small white fir slightly uphill to the south.

    Are there others???  -- Now is the time to identify dead trees for summer 2018 marking and felling, whether or not they are located near a particular cabin. If you have questions or comments, contact Dick Fisher soon!