2018 Brush Clearance Project

Each summer our Association sponsors an annual Brush Clearance Project to gather and remove brush, shrubbery, tree limbs, slash, and other forest debris that constitute a fire hazard. Please pile those items in an easily accessible location on the uphill side of one of the tract access roads. When locating the piles, please do not to block parking areas or access roads. Our forestry contractor will either haul away the piles, or else chip and spread the material as ground cover, away from immediate cabin areas.

The chipping and/or hauling will occur sometime after Labor Day, so now is the time to start clearing your cabin area and creating your debris pile. We will advise everyone of additional details as the deadline gets closer.

The chipper can handle branches and small tree trunks up to 9” in diameter, so feel free to eliminate small white fir trees or other small trees that are growing beneath the overhead canopy of any larger tree, or that are crowding other more desirable trees. We encourage you to implement these forest maintenance practices not only in your immediate cabin area, but also in common areas nearby. Remember, however, that you must get prior Forest Service approval to cut trees with a trunk diameter of 9” or larger (at chest height). 

Finally, we again reiterate that this project does not include the removal of pine needles or unwanted cabin junk, so please do not include those items in the brush and debris piles.

Thanks, in advance, to all cabin owners, families, and friends for doing their part to clear brush and debris from their cabin areas to help keep our local forest healthy and safe.