Call 911 For Emergency Services

Call 911 from a landline if you can!

If you still have access to a landline, or your neighbor has one, use a landline to call Emergency Services. The good news is that Emergency 911 calls from landlines can now be matched with the Emergency Services maps that Gary Stahl (Cabin 60) provided a few years ago. The 911 dispatcher should immediately see a screen showing the appropriate map, the access roads, and the cabin number location for that land line.

The bad news is that fewer cabins have landlines, since many people now rely solely on cell phones. If you call Emergency Services using your cell phone, their location system cannot pinpoint your location using GPS. Tell them you are located on Highway 18 between Castle Rock Trail and the Dam. Give them your cabin number and the name of the access road if there is one (e.g., Keystone Point Road, Don Carlos Road, etc.) Also, give them the nearest mile marker number and any other landmarks that might be helpful in finding your location. If possible, send someone up to the highway to flag down the emergency responders.

The 911 response to a landline call generally should be quicker and more accurate than the response to a cell phone call. If you do not have a landline, find out which of your neighbors have landlines, and discuss with them the possibility of getting access to their landline in case of a serious emergency. 

Gary Stahl will keep us posted about any changes or recommendations regarding Emergency Services Response to the Southwest Shore. Meanwhile, please make an emergency plan for your family and friends that use your cabin.