Brush Removal Project


The Healthy Forest Fuels Reduction Project was completed in October 2014. As part of the contract terms, the forestry vendor was allowed to leave large logs and small brush piles on the ground, so long as they were not too close to cabins (75-100 feet) or blocking pathways. If you have logs or a brush pile that is a problem, please immediately contact Dick Fisher (310-573-9981; We will have the forestry vendor revisit our area one more time to clean up all these problems, so submit your requests promptly.

Even though the brush piles left by the forestry vendor are not close to cabins, they still constitute a fire hazard on the hillside. We ask all cabin owners to clear these piles off their lots by dragging them to a nearby roadside location. A wood chipping service will come through the Southwest Shore at the end of July to remove all these brush piles from our area, at no cost to Southwest Shore cabin owners. If there are additional piles later in the summer, the chipping service will come back and pick those up after Labor Day. Branches up to 10” diameter will go through the chipper, so please clear as much brush and branches from your lot as possible. If you have questions about this project, please contact Gary Stahl (310-373-8986;

Note: The chipping service gets grant money from a government agency, and must submit a record of how many man-hours were spent on this fire prevention task, including the hours spent by cabin owners hauling the brush and branches to the road for chipping, as well as the hours spent on pine needle cleanup. Please keep track of your hours. We will advise cabin owners about how to report this information to us, so that we can summarize and submit it to the chipping service.