Cabin Fee Act -- Encouraging News!

We just received this encouraging news from Aubrey King, who is the National Forest Homeowners (NFH) representative in Washington, D.C.: The Cabin Fee Act of 2012 (H.R. 3397) passed the United States House of Representatives by voice vote late this afternoon of September 10, 2012, National Resources Committee Chairman Doc Hastings (R-WA), who has championed the CFA for more than two years, spoke eloquently in support of the bill on the floor. The House bill now goes to the Senate, where a very similar Cabin Fee Act (S. 1906) was introduced last year and is under active consideration. Before it becomes law, both the House and the Senate will have to agree on identical legislation. NFH will now intensify its ongoing efforts with the Senate with the goal of finally enacting the Cabin Fee Act into law.

According to NFH President Geoff Anderson; "This tremendous success in the House is the result of the intense work of many cabin owners throughout the nation for the past several years. Many have committed their time, energy and dollars to see this effort through. We are, of course, especially appreciative for the leadership of Chairman Hastings who has stood by cabin owners through this whole process in the House. With final passage by the Senate and enactment into law, the Cabin Fee Act will enable thousands of cabin owner families to continue to enjoy the recreational use of their cabins as they have for generations."

I encourage you to re-read our recent blog post entitled, "Please Contact Your Senators and Representatives AGAIN!" This article provides a link to contact your U.S. Legislators, and some suggestions about what your email or phone message should say. Please keep pushing your Senators and Representatives to pass the CFA -- we're almost there!