Forest Service Needs Volunteers

Our local Forest Service Ranger Katie Nelson recently sent out a notice to all the SBNF tract groups indicating which tracts would be inspected later this summer.  She is looking for volunteer inspectors -- which can be individuals or teams -- to do these cabin inspections using a prescribed Forest Service Inspection Form.  You cannot do the inspection for your own tract!  If you are interested in inspecting one of the following tract groups, please email Katie Nelson and indicate your willingness to volunteer.  If you have a preference for a particular tract, let her know.  Katie would like to hear from you by Friday, June 29, so please send your email now!

  • One-half of the Southwest Shore of Big Bear Tract (48 cabins)
  • The other half of the Southwest Shore of Big Bear Tract (48 cabins)
  • Lake Arrowhead tracts (15 cabins)
  • One-half of the Lakeview Tract (48 cabins)
  • The other half of the Lakeview Tract (47 cabins)
  • Poligue Tract (24 cabins)
  • South Fork Tract (50 cabins)
  • Stetson Creek Tract (22 cabins)

Katie will be scheduling at least two training sessions to make sure that all volunteers are applying the inspection criteria in the same manner.  Once you are trained, Katie will provide inspection forms, tract maps, and "Forest Service Volunteer" vests to indicate that you are official!  Smile

If you have some free time, we encourage you to volunteer for this important project. Invite some of your Big Bear neighbors to join you on a team. This will be an interesting chance to see other Forest Service tracts within the SBNF.

Please send your email to Katie Nelson as soon as possible, with a copy to Roy Glauthier, president of the SBNF Cabin Coalition group.  Roy will help keep track of which tracts still need volunteers.

Thanks in advance for your help.