New Southwest Shore Website

The Big Bear Southwest Shore website was long overdue for a make-over, and here is the first look at the direction we are taking.

Easier Access to Website Content

On the previous Southwest Shore website, a login name and password were required to access all of the information on the site, much of which was not confidential and did not justify such a high degree of security.  The new website will now allow access to much of the content without logging in.  However, Southwest Shore financial information, administrative matters, owners' contact information, and other selected items will have access restricted to authorized Southwest Shore members.

Southwest Shore members have requested less restrictive access, since many times they simply visit the website to check on non-confidential Big Bear news or to look at the Cabin Cam.  Logging into the site for such tasks was unreasonably restrictive.  That restriction is gone now!

Another benefit will be easier access to website content for our North Shore neighbors, who are also interested in news about the Big Bear Tract.  Just like Southwest Shore owners, North Shore owners have a vested interest in the Cabin Fee Act, Forest Service pronouncements, National Forest Homeowners activities, and other issues that affect the Big Bear area in general, and Big Bear Tract cabin owners in particular.

Easier Website Registration and Security For confidential website content, such as Southwest Shore administrative matters and owners' contact data, we want to insure strong, easily managed security.  If you are a Southwest Shore owner, family member, or friend who would like access to the restricted area of the website, please visit the New Member Registration page for further information.

We encourage you to register now, even if you do not immediately need access to restricted information.  It may take a day or two for the webmaster to review and authorize your registration, so you want to register well in advance of your need to login.