Eagle Hatched in Big Bear Valley

Grout Bay Picnic Area and Gray's Peak Trail Closed Till June 15 A recently hatched baby bald eagle named Jack is the first successful nesting recorded near Big Bear Lake in recent times, according to an article in the Big Bear Grizzly. The chick was born to a pair of eagles, Lucy and Ricky, who nest near Grout Bay. Eagle habitat areas in Big Bear Valley are closed annually from Dec. 1 to April 1. However, to minimize disturbance to this young eagle, the Forest Service is extending the annual seasonal closure beyond the usual April 1 date to June 15. The Forest Order prohibits entry into Grout Bay Picnic Area, Gray’s Peak Trailhead, Gray’s Peak Trail, and the area directly around the bald eagle nest, to allow the chick to grow and learn to fly without human disturbance.