Here is a list of Big Bear vendors that have been recommended and/or evaluated by our neighbors in the Southwest Shore Colony.  If you would like more information about any of the vendors, you may call the vendor directly or contact the person who submitted the evaluation.  

If you would like to submit a recommendation/evaluation of a vendor that you have used, please fill out the Vendor Evaluation Form.  Also, if you have any comments about a vendor who is already on the list, please use the Vendor Evaluation Form to submit those comments as well.  It is useful to have more than one opinion about a vendor for comparison.  Also, for anyone thinking about using that vendor, it may be helpful to have more than one neighbor to talk with about the vendor's work.  Please take a minute to submit information about vendors you have used.

Big Bear Dry Organic Carpet Cleaning                               Recommended by: Dick Fisher
909-633-8596 -- Contact Ian                                               Cabin 85

Andy Stitt                                                                                 Recommended by: Dennis Moran
(909) 585-4715                                                                        Cabin 84

Andy is a rarity for "up the hill" vendors. He actually shows up on time, takes pride in his work and his charges are very reasonable. While his main expertise is painting, he is quite capable of doing foundation work, minor carpentry, plumbing, etc. He has recently painted Cabins 83, 84 and is about ready to do 82. Andy understands the unique challenges of working on old cabins.