Spring Road Repair and Drainage

When: May 2012

What:  Every few years the road surface on Spring Road deteriorates to the point where it needs regrading.  The year 2012 is one of those years.  Much of the damage is a result of winter and spring rain and snowmelt, cascading down the slope below Keystone Point Road and washing across Spring Road.  Therefore, in addition to simply regrading the surface, the Spring Road Association also wishes to repair and reinforce the drainage channels that carry the water across and away from Spring Road.

This project is expected to be completed by Memorial Day, when the heavy traffic begins on Spring Road.  (Not that the traffic is ever that heavy, but you know what I mean!)  The contractor for the project is Bob Hallstead, who has done most of the road work over the years, and is very familiar with the terrain and the problems of maintaining the road.

Cost:  $300 per cabin:  Each of the 17 cabins along Spring Road is being assessed $300 per cabin to fund the cost of repairs, plus a small contingency fund for ongoing minor repairs and maintenance.  The assessment payment is due immediately, so that we can proceed with the repair work as soon as possible.