What is NFH?

National Forest Homeowners is a member-directed organization representing cabin-owner recreation residence permittees on our national forests. NFH provides leadership, member information, assistance, and advocacy for continuation of all recreation residences. It is dedicated to educating its members and others in sound scientific stewardship of our forests. The role of NFH is:

  • To serve as stewards of National Forest Lands;

  • To improve and provide for safety and security on National Forest lands through fire protection programs, neighborhood awareness and education of cabin users and forest visitors;

  • To facilitate intensive recreation use at minimal impact on lands and ecosystems;

  • To provide significant economic impact to local economies and counties;

  • To partner with Forest Service on projects to benefit program and forest management;

  • To represent and communicate National Forest development, cabin history and sense of place to other forest visitors; and

  • To establish a sense of community among forest users through active support of and involvement in local organizations and programs.

Cabin Insurance Survey

NFH is currently conducting a survey of all cabin owners to determine what companies are the most likely to issue cabin insurance policies in each state. You do not need to be an NFH member to take the survey. The more responses they obtain, the better the resulting data. The survey is open until Sunday, April 14, 2019. In this era of frequent wildfires, many cabin owners are having trouble obtaining insurance coverage. Please share your insurance experience, so that everyone can benefit from the information. Follow this link for a preview of the questions on the cabin insurance survey.