Can summer be far behind? (Photo by Bob TeSelle)

Can summer be far behind? (Photo by Bob TeSelle)

Big Bear Municipal Water District

Lake Use Permits and Fees - 2016

In 2015 there was much confusion and frustration about how to get Lake Permits for Non-Registered (i.e., non-CF) water craft, such as kayaks, canoes, stand-up paddle boards, etc., because of the quagga mussel inspection requirements imposed by BBMWD. (See SWS newsletter article.) In 2016 BBMWD has largely implemented the procedures proposed at the end of 2015 by SWS owner John Lengsfelder (Cabin 51). Here are the 2016 procedures:

BBMWD will allow Forest Service Cabin Owners to purchase the annual Lake Permits for their Non-Registered watercraft without an inspection provided that owners submit the following documentation

  1. A list of watercraft requiring permits (see form attached*).

  2. An owner's written testimony that these watercraft have not left the Big Bear area since their last Lake Permit was issued.

  3. A copy of the first page of your Forest Service Special Use Permit, showing that you are the owners of the Special Use Permit for your cabin.

  4. A check payable to BBMWD for the total amount due ($50 per watercraft).

Owners need to submit the required documentation and permit fees either in person or by mail to the BBMWD office at 40524 Lakeview Drive, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315. For additional information, call 909-866-5796 or visit their website. If you visit the BBMWD office in person, be aware that some desk personnel may be unaware of these new Lake Permit procedures for cabin owners. Please read the 5-26-16 blog post on Lake Permit Procedures and especially the Comments.

*Note that the Lake Permit Form is for Registered Vessels. There is no comparable form for Non-Registered Vessels, because this mail-in procedure is not available to the general public. Most watercraft owners must have an annual physical inspection before their watercraft enter the lake.

The above procedures are only relevant to cabins that do NOT have docks rights. If a cabin owner has a dock, then BBMWD will issue Lake Permits for Non-Registered watercraft along with the normal mail-in procedure for Registered vessels.